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Reducing Technical Debt is an upcoming book being written by Matt Eland on the topic of communicating technical debt to business stakeholders.

The current high level table of contents:

  • Part 1: Understanding Technical Debt
    • What is Technical Debt?
    • The Cost of Technical Debt
    • What Tech Debt Looks Like
    • Obstacles to Overcoming Technical Debt
  • Part 2: Analyzing Technical Debt
    • Identifying Causes of Debt
    • Gathering Data
    • Analyzing Data
  • Part 3: Communicating Technical Debt
    • Starting a Conversation
    • Crafting a Presentation
    • Presenting your Findings
    • Technical Debt as Risk
  • Part 4: Resolving Technical Debt
    • Technical Debt in Agile Teams
    • Setting up a Safety Net
    • Drastic Changes: Improving Architecture
    • Measuring Success

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