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Building Text-Based Games with Compromise NLP

In this article I’ll walk you through using the Compromise NLP JavaScript library to interpret player input in text-based adventure games. Interactive Fiction In text-based games, also known as Interactive Fiction or IF, the game describes a room to the player who then types in a command and the game […]

How TypeScript squashed all known bugs

You know that application that keeps you up at night hoping you won’t have to change it? It seems like we all have one. Mine was in JavaScript. It was a single page application made with just jQuery and JavaScript and it was the most brittle thing I’ve ever worked with. […]

We are the Borg

Recently, I’ve been thinking more about our programming languages and even us as engineers as not too dissimilar to The Borg.

Let me explain.

Snapshot Testing in JavaScript & .NET

Earlier this year I discovered the fantastic Jest JavaScript unit testing library made by Facebook and commonly associated with React. Jest is built on top of Jasmine, but adds some very nice features, including something called Snapshot testing. While unit tests are typically intended to be precision surgical tools focused […]