Author: Matt Eland

Agile Git Integration with GitWorkflows

In this article we’ll explore the use of feature branches based off of GitWorkflow to integrate features and fixes only when they are fully ready to go. While this is a less well-known workflow than others, it offers a significant degree of freedom and flexibility. We won’t be covering all […]

Avoiding Quality Minefields

One of the hallmarks that distinguishes a senior developer from a junior developer is the art of planning. I’m not talking resource allocation or scheduling (though those are important). I’m talking about getting a task, sitting down at the keyboard, and explicitly not coding.

Breeding Attack Squirrels in F#

In this article we’ll introduce genetic algorithms by teaching a squirrel how to find food and shelter, then see how different fitness functions can influence its behavior. Along the way we’ll discuss concepts of genetic algorithms, the F# programming language, and important design considerations in artificial intelligence applications.