Author: Matt Eland

Public Speaking for Introverts

I’m not an extrovert. I don’t like crowds. I’d rather be the trusted adviser than the guy in the spotlight. In high school, speech class gave me such anxiety that I was physically sick and needed to give the presentation over my lunch hour directly to the teacher. So, how […]

SQL Server Transactions and Isolation Levels

As developers, we don’t always think too deeply about the database internals and that can result in poor performance and unexpected concurrency issues. This article represents my learning progress in diving into SQL Server’s concurrency features. In this article we’ll discuss transactions and isolation levels / read modes. By default, […]

Neural Nets in C# vs F#

This is a comparison of C# and F# implementations of programming a simple neural network library. A neural net is essentially a calculator that takes one or more numerical inputs and computes one or more numerical outputs.

We are the Borg

Recently, I’ve been thinking more about our programming languages and even us as engineers as not too dissimilar to The Borg.

Let me explain.

How not to suck as a new developer

How can you possibly perform well in this type of environment — either right out of college, boot camp, or even potentially self-taught? The good news is that we do not expect you to know everything day one. Expectations on junior team levels are fairly narrow.

Name your Constraints

This is a short and sweet article discussing the importance of naming database constraints. It’s written from the perspective of someone mostly familiar with SQL Server databases.

Common .NET Gotchas

.NET Development and C# in particular have come a long way over the years. I’ve been using it since beta 2 in 2001 and I love it, but there are some common gotchas that are easy to make when you’re just getting started. Throwing Exception If you need to throw […]

Impostor Syndrome and Outliers

What does a classic business book have to say about developers and impostor syndrome? My wife and I listened to the first half of Malcolm Gladwell’s Outlier’s on Audible today on a road trip. The book studies successful individuals and the factors that make them successful. One of the factors […]

From Software Engineer to Paralytic and Back Again

This is a bit of a different post, but I wanted to share my experience with a rare neurological condition known as Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) in case it might be helpful to anyone. Specifically, I want to focus on my long road to recovery, transitioning out of the workforce […]