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The History of .NET

As someone who has been using .NET since the betas, I’ve been really impressed with .NET’s ability to grow, change, and stay relevant as technology changes. This isn’t an easy concept to explain to others, however, and so I thought I’d try to illustrate .NET’s history with an overview of changes from .NET Framework 1.0 to March of 2020.

Learning Guide for Remote Work

This week with more and more people trending to remote work as a preference and now, with COVID-19, out of necessity / responsibility, I partnered with Pluralsight to author a short guide on learning while remote. I can’t host it here, but if you’re curious, check it out for some tips I’ve found helpful throughout the years.

Changing Careers

Career changes are huge, but you don’t have to go into them blind. In this article I’ll discuss some strategies I’ve used recently to evaluate a change in careers, figure out if you might like the change, find ways to safely practice and grow the skills you’d need, and then finally potentially make that leap in changing your career.

The Myth of the T-Shaped Developer

In this article I’ll explore the pros of cons of generalizing, specializing, being a so-called T-shaped developer, as well as introducing the term “comb-shaped” which I believe is a more accurate picture of a developer career.

Angular Accessibility

Let’s talk about building accessible Angular applications. Why? Because Angular apps are awesome, but the amazing things Angular lets you do are a net negative unless you can build an app that everyone can use.