Hello all! I have a few announcements and a couple of sources of new content for you all.

In the new year I’m beginning a master’s degree in data science while staying on as a software engineering instructor. In a few years I’ll complete the program and will have another set of skills and knowledge to bring to the community.

If you are at all curious about data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or data analytics, I am pleased to announce a pair of new sources of content I’ve been focusing on:

Accessible AI (Data Science Articles)

First of all, I have launched AccessibleAI.dev as a series of articles on data science topics, particularly data science on Azure aimed at people new to the field.

Like all of my non-contract written content, these articles are also cross-posted to Medium for those who are subscribers and prefer to read content there.

On a technical note, Accessible AI is built on Hugo instead of WordPress (like KillAllDefects.com is) and so it’s much more lightweight and quick and I’m also a lot more in control of the content and presentation on that site.

Matt on Data Science (YouTube Channel)

I’m trying a new approach to content creation where every article I write I want to also produce in video format and embed in the original article on Accessible AI.

As a result, I’ve rebranded and improved my YouTube channel to more prominently feature data science content:

Take a look and do the usual thing of liking and subscribing because it does help me focus future content.

Upcoming Talks

Finally, I have a few upcoming talks to share with you:

That’s all for now! I hope you have a great end to your year.