How to Debug Web API Problems in 4 Steps

e is complicated and many things can go wrong. However, when you add web communications to the mix, a much larger amount of issues can occur beyond compiler and logic errors. his article is a step-by-step diagnostic guide for working through common issues with web services.

Understanding Web APIs

this article we’ll examine the concept and typical usage of an API as well as the details of the requests and responses that power modern web development.

AZ-900 Study Tips

In this article, I’ll share my study resources and plan for the Azure AZ-900 exam that results in the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification.

What if Certifications Didn’t Suck?

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How Programming Languages Change How You Think

The languages we use matter. In this article we’ll explore some language concepts from science fiction and then examine how individual languages impact us as developers, focusing on the F# language for detailed examples.